This is who we are

This project was created simply out of desire to share what we love. Film. Specifically, short film. To share in a simple but wide reaching way. The option of twitter seemed quite obvious for many reasons, including the ability for our followers to continue sharing.

We are a small collection of film fans. Some in the industry and some in more removed fields but all with a love of the craft and a desire to share.

It’s a simple philosophy and execution. On Sundays, we suggest a short film to watch.  Why Sundays?  Well, mostly alliteration. And while we send on Sundays, you can watch at your leisure. We keep a running list of films shown & links. We hope to start a conversation. That you seek out other work from our contributors & learn about places to discover more short film.

Certainly, there will be exceptions with mini-fests or occasionally possible premiers on other dates. As we move forward we will evolve into a full blown website (it’s in the works now).  Our hope is the potential for chats with our creative contributors and a place for our community to discuss films.

This will never be the type of blog where there’s a daily activities posting but we are open to all suggestions and feedback. Nothing exists in a vacuum and we are a flexible creature. You’ll find places to submit films, contacts for our project, film listings and more on additional pages.  We’ll keep you posted as changes occur.

Having said all that, the main goal remains the same. We love short films. We want to share them. We want you to share with us.  We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoy sharing.

Thank you.


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