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The thing about working in bookstores is everyone always does something else – students, actors, musicians, crew, chefs, artists.  Heck, I worked full time in a hotel sales office & still stayed on at Borders. Because I loved books & reading & talking to all those people & all the array of humanity of Chicago that passed through.
One of those humans was Kyle Bice, from our security team at State St. Quietly, wickedly funny, he was not to be messed with by shoplifters or trouble makers. And firm but kind with any issues.
We all moved on – some of us working in those passions we embraced.  It’s been a particular delight to see Kyle in particular gain notice for his art work & use it in aid of   The Monster Weekly.  In addition he has utilized his self defense skills to educate & empower folk who could be considered marginalized and in need of protection, via Chicago Self Defense.
So I’m genuinely thrilled to promote his latest endeavour.  Along with Fred Bueltemann, they’ve launched This Craft Nation. Kicking off 2 April, they’ll head East via Amtrak, circling the nation to explore the cultural shift of the craft renaissance.
Podcasting via itunes & youtube videos already commencing so get yourself subscribed & following on any & all social media. Check our the route & let them know if there’s a creative force in your neighborhood they need to explore.
It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with what is truly great about the people in this country.
Support initiative.  Support local. Support craft. Support arts in all forms.
We sure do.


~ by ShortFilmSunday on March 20, 2017.

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