It’s a wonderful night…..

As always, we take advantage of #OscarSunday to celebrate the entire awards season & artists from across the globe.
This year’s theme is  literature & writers, showcasing animation, music, documentaries that promote reading, classics stories & 2 passion projects writers have embraced to give back to the great community.
Book festivals in Poland. 70’s rock legends incorporating Ayn Rand into lyrics. A tv icon reciting Shakespeare to introduce a reading ap. You’ll find it all.

While traditional folk songs are not strictly  literature,  their contributions to language & unification are immeasurable. The folk at Cophenhagen based Louisiana Channel present a variety of programs showcasing the Arts, including this terrific initiative from recording master, Brian Eno.

Author Tim Winton is Patron of the Australian Marine Conservation Society & states:
“It’s our birthright to have a clean ocean, to catch a feed, to interact with nature. And, like any birthright, we have to safeguard it.”
With “The Sea & Me”, he and the team from Bluebottle Films have contributed to a national project exploring locals’ relationship with the sea and the balance between preservation and the needs of their livelihoods.
Sponsors include: the Save Our Marine Life Alliance, Marine Conservation Society, Nature Conservation Council, The Wilderness Society and The Nature Conservation Council.
There is additional information on their site about this & their films involving Australia’s fantastic ecosystem.

We’ve never chosen 2 longer #shorts but they’re both so fantastic, they needed to be shown. Along with the other terrific artists. Of course, they’ll be up on our site & are linked on twitter with #SFSO17 but are listed below.
Thanks to all for tuning in and your support

“Cracow – City of Literature”
“Sonnet 18” – read by David Tennant
“Calamity Song” – The Decemberists
“The Sea and Me”
“Lost Boy” – Ruth B
“Sing Along With Brian Eno”
“Oh, You Pretty Things” – David Bowie (live,unaired clip from “Old Grey Whistle Test”



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