We use that hashtag a lot. And it all does – writing, painting, film, print, cooking. Whether it’s for a cause or a simple #short that makes you laugh.
And creatives matter.

Our selection for 20 November, “Saturday Morning Gift”, is an early student work by Syrian filmmaker & activist, Bassel Shahade*.
His youtube account remains and offers a chance to view several of his films.
During a life cut off too soon, he achieved an IT/AI degree from the University of Damascus. After a time with the United Nations and other activism work, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a Master’s in film at Syracuse University.
Wikipedia & other sources offer information regarding his activism in the States, motorcycle travels throughout the Middle East, work with Ahmad Al-Assam & ultimate untimely death in Homs.

We rarely focus this attention on a single filmmaker but hope it will motivate people to investigate his life and work and causes. And bring more attention to those striving to record the memories of their lives in these times.
“The Creative Memory of  Syrian Revolution” offers more info about his work and that of other artists.

Particularly when an artist is gone, the value of preserving their work and utilizing a vision for the future is immeasurable.
Bassel Shahade gave everything, ultimately his life. so that his nephew & others knew what occurred. This contribution is immeasurable.
We say thank you.  And we will continue to seek out creators who have a unique view of the world.

*multiple sources use both English translated spellings of “Shehadeh” and “Shahade” for surname.


~ by ShortFilmSunday on November 20, 2016.

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