Reason and Responsibility

As some of you may have noticed, our twitter feed was involved in an incident on Monday, 17 October.
We were tagged in a tweet on the day prior and our lack of response was interpreted (falsely) as being directed at the film’s country of origin.  A series of troll-esque hateful statements were made & RT’d via followers of the filmmaker.

Our tolerance for hate speech is zero and our patience for lies and bullying, the same. All involved parties have been reported and blocked. Permanently. Again. Zero tolerance.
I can’t think of a worse way to try to get work viewed than unsubstantiated threats and lies.

We extend an apology to all our loyal and amazing supporters that had to witness this
attack. In particular to Brian A. Ross and crew of “The Letter”, which held its premier on Monday. Regrettable that this occurred and distracted on their important day.

Our standards remain the same. We are 100% inclusive of film submitted from any country  and by any race, gender, creed or language.
Our policy is clearly stated on our blog. Tagging does not constitute endorsement. Our response was and remains a polite thank you to the filmmaker, and direction to the submission standards for future work.

Moving forward we will continue to share films from all corners of the globe, in hopes of expanding our knowledge and view of the world.
We gladly engage in constructive criticism and maintain an open door policy for suggestions and recommendations.
We constantly strive to learn and grow and be better.

Our email contact is :

and the submission policy can be viewed in full here:

Thank your for your time and as always, your tremendous support.


~ by ShortFilmSunday on October 19, 2016.

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