Anticipation is the best of emotions. Sometimes the most fun of this is when the calendar is full for weeks and I know what’s coming to share with you all.  The talented directors & crews. The diverse, layered performances. A cinematographer with a particular eye for light in motion.  A narrative voice with such fierce command of story, no other dialogue is needed.

Our slate for September offers this and more.  Some very new directing voices and a release fresh from the festival circuit. A strong focus on US directors ranging from a variety of cities sharing with us the visions that compel their days.

We kick off with Sam Pilling‘s fantastic political commentary piece “Nobody Speak”. Done as video for the DJ Shadow ft. Run the Jewels tune, this holds its own with festival #shorts.  Igor Tsyshkevich & Ian Bailey’s stunning lead performances stand out in an electric cast. And the #NSFW lyrics & vision should stand with the best of protest music.

In weeks that following we have stories dealing with self perceptions, recovery & moving forward & redemption.

I hope you’ll tune in and share these terrific #shorts


~ by ShortFilmSunday on September 6, 2016.

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