“Life On Mars”

From the first moment Philip Glenister strode on screen in all his Gene Hunt glory, grabbed Sam Tyler (John Simm) by the collar & tossed him at a filing cabinet, I was hooked.
It’s rare to see an actor own a character so thoroughly, particularly on to a 2nd series (follow up Ashes to Ashes). He was so terrific that infamously when Harvey Keitel was cast in US remake, he called Phil himself to say he knew he wouldn’t be as good.
Ok, face it, I was on board with all the use of Bowie too. I first stumbled upon “LoM” via PBS in Chicago where it aired along with Masterpiece & Doctor Who. Helluva Sunday night, that.
It debuted on BBC 10 years ago today. & the creative team has been tweeting fab behind the scenes stories & set photos with ‪#‎LifeOnMars10‬ tagged.
I was before & remains a huge Glenister fan. He’s terrifically underrated & underused. Have been lucky enough to work/chat with a couple of the cast & crew via my ‪#‎shorts‬ program. Lots of them do great work.
It’s an all time favorite for me. Probably #2 after, Homicide: Life on the Street.
So yeah, I’ll be rewatching ep 1 today. & our ‪#‎shortfilmsunday‬ selection with be associated with them & Bowie.
If you’ve not seen it, have a peek on hulu or netflix. There’s on 16 eps (& then 24 of A2A). well worth your time.

A Note:

This was written on 9 January & posted on FB, just to honor the occasion of the #LifeOnMars10. We did specifically chose a fantastic #short that offered a historic look at Manchester & as a bonus, the official video for David Bowie’s “Life On Mars” song.  His music has been a part of my entire life & the tv series only served to enrich that. And vice versa.
We  post at midnight & obviously by the time I’d awoken on 10 January, the world was a different place. There’s tons of great writing out there about the man. Go track it down. We adored him & always will. Just wanted this to have some context.

……the stars look very different today


~ by ShortFilmSunday on January 18, 2016.

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