We Love Shorts!!!

Honest.  I hope you’re keeping up with all our #shorts love via https://twitter.com/ShortFilmSunday

We’ve had some great material over the past few months.  March was dedicated to documentaries, including selections from the great archives at NFB Canada and Maysles Documentary Centre to honour their ongoing work on behalf of the late Albert Maysles.

In April we chose to promote some terrific musicians, the filmmakers who turn their words into pictures, and sites that feature the work –  including tremendous Berlin based Canoe Concerts and a release from our great pals, Elliott BROOD.

May was an opportunity to show off a variety of #shorts.  The fun of last minute choices is sharing something new or relevant to current events, as with “Owning Our Faith” coinciding with Ireland’s historic referendum. Or some older films that deserve attention featuring actors we admire, like Brett Climo in “The Third Date” & Matt LeNevez in “What They Don’t Know”.

Currently for June, we’re featuring all animation. We did cheat & start a bit early at end of May with one of the “Shammies” series. Latvian based Atom Art are receiving accolades for a current release “Choir Trip” but they have a great catalog worth checking out & two of our smallest fans (aged 7 & 3) adore the Shammies videos.

Our focus with animation will try to show some particular schools & sites, like the terrific NZOnScreen & Media Design School.
Plenty of talented filmmakers & their animation to come in June and, of course, an array of #shorts in the future.
While we do chose themes for some months well in advance, we are always accepting submissions. We’re happy to coordinate new releases with advance notice and will occasionally make an exception for an event like special festival viewing, etc.  All information is available here. We want to showcase your work!

We welcome any questions or inquiries via our email, which is shortfilmsunday74@gmail.com

Thanks again to all of you who have supported us from the beginning & joined us along the way.  We love seeing your hard work & sharing it with people who love #shorts all over the world.




~ by ShortFilmSunday on June 10, 2015.

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