oh, the Network

It’s a tough call some days. The benefits for a band of folk like us far outweigh the downsides of social networking but there are moments for sure.
We purposefully chose twitter to keep it simple. There’s great sites than analyze shorts more thoroughly than we do. But I’m happy to start & carry a conversation any day. But the main goal was (is) to share film. To guide people towards places to discover great shorts & creative talent behind them. To find their other work & keep an eye on their future.  It’s why we make choices like showing an older short of 2014 Oscar nominee Daniel Sousa or Rachel Ward’s early work. So you’ll check out her stunning features also.

Today’s selection, “Gorilla” is by Manchester based Jack Bottomley.  It achieves a great feat of telling an emotional story in a short period of time. It’s accomplished, interesting camera work keeps the action moving along without losing contact with characters.
You’ll know that producer Andrew Oldbury is a great supporter of ours & the feeling is mutual. I have a huge amount of respect for what he’s created in the Manchester & great UK short film community. Multiple shorts in the likes of Virgin Media competition, Reed film, Kino shorts, Mosaic and more.
We’re thrilled he asked us to consider “Gorilla” as our selection and are proud to share it. Keep your eye on this whole team. Hard working folk of vision on a mission.
So it’s not nepotism so much as support of a like minded community. I am so proud to know people who create this type of work & to share it.
So maybe some days I don’t love all of social media. but I know Andrew because he cares about shorts & discovered us & reached out. I’m happy to tell any & everyone to share the shorts they enjoy here.
You never know who you’ll meet. You never know who will love your work & contact you to work with them because your vision will work with theirs
At the end of the day, it’s why we are here. To connect people in the community & share art.
Thanks for your time!


~ by ShortFilmSunday on March 16, 2014.

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