Oscar Sunday

Well, you know we like to big it up, so to speak, and offer up a good assortment instead of the usual one.  5 the previous two years & a bonus 6 today. mostly because I lost track & didn’t have the heart to cut one.

There’s a animation, music video, documentary & our main feature “Coward” director David Roddham & DoP  Stephen Murphy. You’ll find their production journal here .

We also chose to show “Bande annonce Portraits du Voyages” which serves as a trailer/companion to  Bastien DuBois‘s  2011 Oscar nominee “Madagascar, Carnet du Voyage”.  The entire film is not legally available for us to show for free online but I highly recommend you check it out given the opportunity.

All the films are connected to Oscar in some way from the “Cuckoo’s Nest” title nod of Lee Harvey Osmond‘s fine song to “The Windmill“, Daniel Sousa‘s lovely animation which began as a study for his currently nominated “Feral” . My personal favourite & choice for Oscar this year and available for purchase for a mere $2.

From the work of ECAL  to Opera Garnier inspired “Le Ballet“,  sincerely hope you find something to enjoy amongst the offerings. All  marked with #SFSOscarSunday for you to discover. We’re always happy to have you check in, watch & share any shorts you love.


~ by ShortFilmSunday on March 2, 2014.

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