I Wrote This For Something Else

and just realized I never posted it here.

One of those days. I just sat with my notebook in “Argo” & did a bit of stream of consciousness. And left it that way. Just a bit of fun. I still like the film. I didn’t expect a documentary so I wasn’t riled up with indignation. My only complaint still is that Bryan Cranston didn’t get more attention.  Nothing against Alan Arkin.

Anyhow here you go. It’s a bit weird format but if I paragraph it up it’ll be huge!

Argo F*&K Yourself It’ll make sense when you see it. I promise. Instead of writing a long wrought out review, i’m just posting my notes as is. For fun. – Laemmle NoHo7, 1:30 show 12 October. – Phone Off/Notebook out. – Popcorn is a good lunch right? – BYOW – Arclight ticket would’ve been $13. paid $11.50 here for tix & popcorn – My good deed for the day was holding the door for the guy in the walker. and then not sitting in the ADA seats in case he needed one. hilariously, the coffee sipping hipster with worse manners wound up with the older slightly deaf couple who showed up 15 minutes in sitting by him. ha. ha. – I think the woman in front of me might be here to binge eat in the dark. that’s a huge bucket of popcorn. & she’s got food in wrappers too – “Deep Dark Canyon” preview. could be quite cool. Abraham Benrubi had a couple great moments in the preview (that’s Jerry the desk clerk to those of you playing the home game) – JohnHawkesJohnHawkesJohnHawkes. – Can you tell they showed “the Sessions” preview? Bawdy is the word for sure. – Who is that beautiful girl? David Oyelowo!!!!! ok. the beautiful girl is Emayatzy Corinealdi & this is not her first film but she is being billed as ‘introducing’ for this film, “Middle of Nowhere”. i have a feeling we’ll be hearing about her. I already knew this was Oyelowo’s year. ***I got to the theatre 10 minutes before listed show time & there was 5 previews. no commercials. & a very funny clip of Anthony Hopkins as Hitch telling people to turn off their cell phones. – WB – used old school 70’s logo. cool – who is narrating? (i think Clea Duvall now) – genuinely can’t tell if they mixed in real news footage. if they shot that all themselves, its impressive. – took me forever to figure out that was Tate Donavon. like until they got to the Canadian ambassadors house. even longer with Clea. seriously. – Bring Kleenex. – Kyle! (chandler, that is) – wonder why they used Peter Jennings name? because he’s passed? they showed clips of a bunch of other folk like Koppel & Conkrite. just curious. – fucking sh??d??? (i’ll let you know if i figure out what that word is) – wouldn’t it look suspicious to have dinner plates for 8 people & have 6 of them be missing? – Ernie!!! (Barry Livingston. Ernie from My Three Sons. I don’t know why. – Ben is getting a lot of revenge shots in at Hollywood here. it’s awesome – its a wonder they didn’t use Hef (for the producer?) – City of 6 Films (hilarious name for the production company) – Tacos on either real or fake Rodeo Drive – God music was bad in the late 70’s. – With the election on, Argo could maybe be the most important film this year. i’m surprised we’re not hearing more. – Argo Fuck Yourself! geez – I hope they all got a shirt with that on. – “It’s like talking to those 2 old fucks on the Muppets” – Ben Affleck should hire John Goodman all the time. – really smart casting all through. – who needs to bring an effing drink to Argo? at 1:30 on a Friday? the guys behind me apparently – smart violence. not bloody. not too much. well timed for tension. – pneumatic tubes! – “When the Levee Breaks”. on vinyl. at the Canadian ambassadors house. – Cranston. Oscar. Now. effing hell can he build a character & then just tear the arse out of a piece when it’s time. – kinds of sounds that will maybe resonate more with younger people who don’t remember things like stampers. – that damn whiner killed it when it counted. jaysus. i thought he was gonna sink them. well done. Ok, so all in all, so needs to be watched. so amazing. If you’re old enough to remember when this happened it will break your heart a bit. it’s strange to me to tell people about it & realize how little it’s remembered or what is known. it was such a huge part of our lives. It’s extremely well done. not perfect but damned well executed. particularly as he’s really making several small films & smooshing them together. hte hollywood part & the CIA parts & the ‘Houseguests”. I love it when something lives up to my expectations.



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