What might strike you as one of the shortest & most ‘home grown’ of our shorts kicks off November & is one I am ridiculously proud to show.

Via another comedian, I discovered Marek Larwood and from there his podcast Film Fandango (with David Reed) & his short films on youtube via Big Potato Productions.  This is such an amazing example of using facets of social media & a multitude of formats to showcase talent & creativity.  The podcast regularly puts forth some of the most erudite film commentary I’ve heard in years without sacrificing humor or accessibility.  It reminds me of old days working in video stores & hacking around with the other geeks:)  In the best way.  They host event nights to keep people involved & support not just short but film of all shapes & sizes.

Some (most) of the shorts are for sure low tech but there’s great talent here. This is just being brave & working out your ideas in a very public manner.

While certainly there’s a range of success it’s well worth watching the process & I think Marek is a particularly individual talent who just makes me laugh. lots & lots.  Check out any of his work you can –  on sketch shows, with Edinburgh, We Are Klang & other sources.

Great guy. Funny short. What can I say? Potatoes are hilarious.


~ by ShortFilmSunday on November 3, 2013.

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