“November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.”
–   Emily Dickinson

Just in case you didn’t already think old Em was a bit of an odd duck. Well, I like November so I’ll take without regard to what she meant. Consider it a compliment, Norway.

And with a new month we’ve got a great batch of shorts. We’ve always said we want to promote all types of film. This month we’re really focusing on what I guess you’d call grass roots production.  Artists who are making it happen for themselves – finding their voice,  learning their craft, discovering formats to showcase their talent.

Previously our choices have included selections from Funny or Die and shorts from Kids In the Hall.  There are great friends and artists such as Vincent Nijman who present limited run projects like 12movies12minutes & current interactive web series “The Haunted Woods of Terror”. And the likes of Tim Thompson whose weekly videos for #HNIC are shorts & music videos & highlights all wrapped up in one package.
We’re very much focused on giving time to non-traditional shorts options which the existence of the likes of Nerdist continue to make happen. Podcasts & sketches & puppet show & musicals.  Folk making it happen in their living room and those like WongFu who have morphed into an internationally known name but still support locally & ground level productions and artists.

So these may not be Oscar contenders but all show amazing talented creative industrious folk who are making things happen for themselves.

November is all about listening to new voices.



~ by ShortFilmSunday on November 1, 2013.

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