June is bustin’ out all over

you can’t be raised by anyone who loves movie musicals & not have that song run through your brain a bit every year.

As it happens, “Carousel” with its darker themes (spousal abuse) & Jacques D’Amboise ballet & one of the oddest funny lines ever happens to be a personal favourite.   Do you have a favourite June movie or song or poem? Let’s hear them!

As we said in May, the theme of ‘cult classic’s continues.  All our shorts have featured the likes of cast from the classic “State of Play”, Brit & PBS faves “Life on Mars” &  “Hustle”, “Glee” & this past week, comedy troupe “Kids in the Hall”. Although known far better for sketch, their weird turns into short film  always offered a skewed twist on every day life.  The great folk at Nerdist now have custody of their material & release a new skit on their youtube channel every week, including cast interviews. That Chris Hardwick fella. geez he’s bringing good to the world.

Hope you’ll tune in & share & maybe see an actor you love doing something a little different. I’m thrilled we have a Jenny Agutter short myself. Thanks, Mark Gutteridge & company!!!

Looking forward to July & sharing more shorts with you. As always, thanks for the support & keep sharing movies!

oh & that line is uttered by the unforgettable Cameron Mitchell – “My mother had a baby once “


~ by ShortFilmSunday on June 12, 2013.

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