Maybe I should make a pun here?

Ok. I just did. It’s terrible.

Welcome to May!  Terrifically excited to kick things off with a dark comedy from the UK, a great creative team of  actors/writers/directors.  & yes, you will recognize our leads from some other work.

Do you have a favorite tv show? Something you’re maybe the only one loves? Or that you’re thrilled to find you share a fondness for a particular character everyone else ignores?  That’s what we’re celebrating.  Maybe it’s Doctor Who or you were on board with the Wire season one. maybe you’re the person who likes Mrs. Hughes on Downton or thinks Pete is the most underrated character in State of Play.

The talent in our shorts for May & June are people you love from these shows & several who have new projects coming out.  Lots got their start in shorts or have worked on them as creative side projects while involved in series or film.

There’s a great selection of new directors & a few projects from talent we want to revisit.

We hope you’ll tune in. Lots more info pending on the blog as we settle in our new space in Silver Lake. Be on the look out for links via the tweety

& thanks, always, for tuning in!


~ by ShortFilmSunday on May 5, 2013.

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