Yep, late to the party. Me, I mean. Not you kind folk. We’ve already passed our first Sunday, recommending the wonderful & bittersweet  “”Vier Ogen” (Four Eyes)  by Fieke Santsbergen.  Check out the link in our archives. It goes to his website where you can check out additional work, including the trailer for  “To Music” , co-written & directed by Sophie Kohn. That short is one of the titles playing at EbertFest2013 so was also chosen to start our April with honouring the legacy of Mr. Ebert.

The remainder of April will be all non-English language (albeit with sub-titles where available). We use those throughout the year but really wanted to focus some attention on great directors & projects, some from countries we haven’t covered (how’s your Farsi?)

And we’ve already got a couple great things lined up for May & June too. If you’ve been watching the twitter you’ve got at least one clue.  A couple actors with new projects coming out who have done great shorts also.

Thanks as always for tuning in. Hope some of you are getting to welome spring with warmer weather finally (you don’t love those of us in Los Angeles. trust me. it’s gorgeous).

Keep watching for more hints, blogs & clues for great new shorts this spring!!!


~ by ShortFilmSunday on April 10, 2013.

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