At their best, the Oscars celebrate people who live & breathe & love film, in all its flaws &  glory.  We  wanted to showcase filmmakers and artists that embrace black & white & classic ideas & humour & small stories & survivors & anything you can imagine loving about film.

Pick any of your favorite moments from an Oscar telecast – Stanley Donan’s little tap dance & song. Miep Gies joining her documentarians on stage. To the 10 minute-ish Charlie Chaplin ovation. To Jerry Orbach singing “Be Our Guest” in tails (a personal fave). The ‘Crouching Tiger’ guys trying to win that damned tv by speed reading. That collection of 80 some winners gathered on stage. Too many to mention.

People create from stories that speak to their soul. These shorts all represent stories from folk who create film because it’s part of them. From editors to cinematographers to animators to composers to directors to writers to actors and all who contribute to film of any size.

We hope our small collections honors in some way the best of what you love about all movies – nominees or winners or guilty pleasures that stick with you forever.

And we hope you will welcome a piece of their world into yours.


~ by ShortFilmSunday on February 24, 2013.

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