How do you feel about hyphenates?

I recall Vanity Fair doing a short photo spread on so-called ‘hyphenates’ a few years ago. Their definition seemed to focus on mid-20’s male actors who were doing both comedy AND drama. ooooh.  While technically correct, I was on the lookout for a little more.

If you’ve heard the expression “God hates a unitasker”, chances are you’re thinking it was from the mouth of Food Network commentator, Alton Brown.  & you’d be partly right – because i may have effed up the exact quote. & because he is also filmmaker Alton Brown, complete with a degree from University of Georgia & a background in film production, including the cinematography for R.E.M’s “One I Love”.  As a matter of fact, his “Good Eats” program grew from his interest in producing a better quality cooking show & not the intention of hosting. Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

But I have to say, I agree with his stance on unitaskers. While I’ve never turned my window fan into a device to dry meat, I respect people who don’t necessarily stay in one little box. My pal Tom Wilson, when not performing in one of his 3 bands, is also Tom Wilson Art aka a painter & illustrator of  “The Mighty Moon King”.  Talent like Amy Poehler, whose best advice to others is always be creating your own material.  Look at what some producing/marketing skill has given Louie CK with his career.

There is a vast array of entertainment talent  you may know from a particular field who have excelled in another, recognized for it or not. Our plan for the remainder of November is to put the spotlight on the true hyphenates. ‘writer-director’,  ‘photographer-filmmaker’.  You get the picture.
We’ve used plenty of shorts from filmmakers with a different day job & will continue to do so but wanted to spotlight them in particular for November.  We’ve started with Paul Octavious & his short “Ghana in Fog”.  This study is black & white is part of his series of stills & video, “Same Hill, Different Day” , capturing events in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Please check out his additional amazing work. And tune in this Sunday for our next multi-tasker.

Thanks for your support, as always.


~ by ShortFilmSunday on November 12, 2012.

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