…the harvest moon

You know why it pays to behave yourself & work well with others on set?  Because when it’s time to make your own film the likes of Ciaran Hinds show up to help.  As with yesterday’s short “Glock”, directed by the fine actor, Tom Everett Scott. And some of our previous entries – Charity Wakefield working for Chris Croucher in “The Beachcombers”, Dan Wyllie for Rachel Ward in “Martha’s New Coat”, Robert Glenister in Douglas Ray’s “Get Off My Land”.  You get the idea. Collaboration can breed amazing creativity. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that the likes of Judi Dench are telling ADA’s they are on board whenever wanted for a short (that would be potential Oscar contender, “Friend Request Pending” from the Chris’s Croucher & Foggin. We’ll show it when we’re able but they’ve got other stuff up)

We love hearing about your new projects of all types & are extremely happy to help share the works from the likes of these folk & all the great talents we’ve met.

We are extremely excited about our October line up. Lets just say you should be ready to travel (well, via the shorts).  And I don’t think we can pass up this moon without a little Neil. (harvest moon. you know. Neil. Young. you get it. c’mon)

I love a good tease. Hope you enjoy!


~ by ShortFilmSunday on October 1, 2012.

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