Exclusive Viewing

Good day, kind followers. Thanks for taking the trouble to travel over to our blog.  As we’ve been teasing for weeks, this coming Sunday, 20 May, we will be championing a great film but viewing is available for a limited time frame.

Filmmaker Dan Clifton (@Atomiumfilms ) has a film that has been making festival rounds & winning awards but has previously not been available for general public viewing. He has graciously offered to make it available via his vimeo site for 24 hours as a special treat to our viewers.

More teasers pending in the days to come regarding cast, etc but we hope many will tune in & leave feedback. If this works out, it may give us the opportunity to offer similar exclusives in the future.

The technical details are that the link will be posted around our usual time, which is 8 a.m. GMT Sunday . It will be public for 24 hours only. Again, it is beyond kind & generous of the talented Mr. Clifton to share his work this way & hope he will be rewarded with your support.

So watch & retweet & invite new friends!!! We’ve got a great line-up for June & some terrific surprises throughout the summer, including (hopefully) our first filmmaker interview. It’s in the works.

You lot are the best!

****as we won’t have an ongoing link for ‘what we’ve shown’, we’ll post a link to filmmaker Dan Clifton’s website for anyone interested in his work & on going information regarding the film


~ by ShortFilmSunday on May 18, 2012.

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