I talk too much. It’s a fact. *queue Mark McKinney in wig & school girl uniform*.  So twitter is a good editor for me. Even going to ‘twitlonger’ makes me rethink how necessary every single letter in a sentence is. So me being the main voice of this project is always a risk. I promise this will be rare.

We want this project to be as simple as possible. For folk to use &  for us to put out. Quantity does not necessarily equal quality. So with twitter, we can do that simply.

We love short film and we want to share films & actors & creators we love with as many as possible. That is the main hope. Not everyone will love everything we pick but whenever you do, we hope you’ll retweet.

As we evolve, we will create a space via here & eventually a fully blown website to offer more, including a place to chat. There will be more ‘fests’ & special events. We hope to have live chats with contributors and much more.

But out main goal is to promote filmmakers & those involved in the work of short film. So we hope you’ll offer your feedback on their sites & comments areas via vimeo & youtube & the like.

Please know we welcome all suggestions and feedback here & through our email. And do know that you & anyone you invite along are more than welcome.  We’re happy you are here.

-Christine & the rest of the gang at ShortFilmSunday.

I reckon this always, that a man is never…..welcome to a place till some certain shot be paid and the hostess say ‘Welcome!’ – Shakespeare


~ by ShortFilmSunday on February 26, 2012.

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