Our Oscar Sunday mini-fest

Welcome to our first short film fest!  In honor of Oscar Sunday & awards season in general, we decided to do something special and show 5 films.

We are choosing to honor women. Not as a massive political statement (tho, Academy – take a hint). Just because there’s great work and truly not enough of it gets seen. That’s what all 5 have in common. We are celebrating directors, producers, animators, actresses – women in all walks of the film industry. I hope you appreciate their contributions to this material and to their craft.

Because there are 5, there is a range of material, including a music video & a piece that could be considered almost feature length (a very looooong short) but there’s always room for exceptions.

The real underlying theme with these is I want to see, hear, experience more – more work from all of them. That is always our goal and particularly true of this selection.

I hope you find at least one talent in the group that you feel the same way about and seek out their work, whether past or future.

The 5:


~ by ShortFilmSunday on February 26, 2012.

One Response to “Our Oscar Sunday mini-fest”

  1. Subscribed! It was awesome talking all things Dinklage with you today, and hope for more soon! Ciao!

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