New Year. New #shorts

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We’re kicking off 2017 with some fresh voices & faces & maybe an early work from a name you know.
It’s all student films in January – work from festivals, grad schools, art schools. All varieties of age, nationality & skill level. Celebrating the beauty of arts in education.

Of course, we’re always on the look out for #short through out the year and don’t restrict every month to a theme. If you’ve got work to share, check out our submission standards and get in touch.

You can always contact  with questions or suggestions.

Thanks again for all your support. We’ll be 5 in just about a month and are just as excited about the future as the work we’ve already shown.

Happy 2017 all!!!


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We use that hashtag a lot. And it all does – writing, painting, film, print, cooking. Whether it’s for a cause or a simple #short that makes you laugh.
And creatives matter.

Our selection for 20 November, “Saturday Morning Gift”, is an early student work by Syrian filmmaker & activist, Bassel Shahade*.
His youtube account remains and offers a chance to view several of his films.
During a life cut off too soon, he achieved an IT/AI degree from the University of Damascus. After a time with the United Nations and other activism work, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a Master’s in film at Syracuse University.
Wikipedia & other sources offer information regarding his activism in the States, motorcycle travels throughout the Middle East, work with Ahmad Al-Assam & ultimate untimely death in Homs.

We rarely focus this attention on a single filmmaker but hope it will motivate people to investigate his life and work and causes. And bring more attention to those striving to record the memories of their lives in these times.
“The Creative Memory of  Syrian Revolution” offers more info about his work and that of other artists.

Particularly when an artist is gone, the value of preserving their work and utilizing a vision for the future is immeasurable.
Bassel Shahade gave everything, ultimately his life. so that his nephew & others knew what occurred. This contribution is immeasurable.
We say thank you.  And we will continue to seek out creators who have a unique view of the world.

*multiple sources use both English translated spellings of “Shehadeh” and “Shahade” for surname.


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It’s all international.
Our calendar posting near end of October discussed some details but always worth mentioning.
We’ve got animation, documentary, music – all from creative minds all over the world.
Some convey the message only via sight, some offer subtitles for translation.
Stories that share common experiences and emotions filtered through visions from around the globe.
We hope, as always, you’ll find a new voice you’ve enjoyed hearing and will explore their other work.


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One great #short left in October…..something themed for Hallowe’en.  Released early in 2016, it turns out the director was quite prescient about a current phenomena.

Hard to believe it’s nearly the end of the year. But we’ve got great work lined up.
Since it’s been awhile, our theme for November is international film. Of course, we include films from all over the world on a regular basis but there will be no English language. We’re excited to introduce you to some filmmakers changing their own corner of the planet. #ThereWillBeSubtitles

And December isn’t fully themed but of course, we’ll acknowledge some of the holidays. Try to give you a laugh or distraction from everything going on.

And we’re always open to a new #short. Even with a busy calendar we try to leave an option open for a premiere. We are for sure interested in film for 2017 and will gladly consider your work.

Here’s information about how we work:

and contact is also

Thanks for watching, sharing, and all kinds of support.

Reason and Responsibility

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As some of you may have noticed, our twitter feed was involved in an incident on Monday, 17 October.
We were tagged in a tweet on the day prior and our lack of response was interpreted (falsely) as being directed at the film’s country of origin.  A series of troll-esque hateful statements were made & RT’d via followers of the filmmaker.

Our tolerance for hate speech is zero and our patience for lies and bullying, the same. All involved parties have been reported and blocked. Permanently. Again. Zero tolerance.
I can’t think of a worse way to try to get work viewed than unsubstantiated threats and lies.

We extend an apology to all our loyal and amazing supporters that had to witness this
attack. In particular to Brian A. Ross and crew of “The Letter”, which held its premier on Monday. Regrettable that this occurred and distracted on their important day.

Our standards remain the same. We are 100% inclusive of film submitted from any country  and by any race, gender, creed or language.
Our policy is clearly stated on our blog. Tagging does not constitute endorsement. Our response was and remains a polite thank you to the filmmaker, and direction to the submission standards for future work.

Moving forward we will continue to share films from all corners of the globe, in hopes of expanding our knowledge and view of the world.
We gladly engage in constructive criticism and maintain an open door policy for suggestions and recommendations.
We constantly strive to learn and grow and be better.

Our email contact is :

and the submission policy can be viewed in full here:

Thank your for your time and as always, your tremendous support.


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Fall is absolutely my favorite season. If only it weren’t followed by winter…
Meanwhile, crisp air, sunshine, colors changing & yummy yummy cider. Perfect weather to curl up with some great #shorts

We’re thrilled at all the films being sent lately and it gives us the chance to recommend some great new releases. An animation incorporating a historic poem with Persian music. A #BAFTA eligible piece with exceptional use of cinematography & voiceover in relaying story.
And a special Monday release, premiering a film by a writer/director whose web series we’ve celebrated previously.

In additions a Hallowe’en treat, some classic news reels & the usual pop up music videos & selections at festivals & by directors we love.

Thanks as always for your support. We hope you find a film you love and that you’ll continue to share all the great work these artists are offering.


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Anticipation is the best of emotions. Sometimes the most fun of this is when the calendar is full for weeks and I know what’s coming to share with you all.  The talented directors & crews. The diverse, layered performances. A cinematographer with a particular eye for light in motion.  A narrative voice with such fierce command of story, no other dialogue is needed.

Our slate for September offers this and more.  Some very new directing voices and a release fresh from the festival circuit. A strong focus on US directors ranging from a variety of cities sharing with us the visions that compel their days.

We kick off with Sam Pilling‘s fantastic political commentary piece “Nobody Speak”. Done as video for the DJ Shadow ft. Run the Jewels tune, this holds its own with festival #shorts.  Igor Tsyshkevich & Ian Bailey’s stunning lead performances stand out in an electric cast. And the #NSFW lyrics & vision should stand with the best of protest music.

In weeks that following we have stories dealing with self perceptions, recovery & moving forward & redemption.

I hope you’ll tune in and share these terrific #shorts