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The thing about working in bookstores is everyone always does something else – students, actors, musicians, crew, chefs, artists.  Heck, I worked full time in a hotel sales office & still stayed on at Borders. Because I loved books & reading & talking to all those people & all the array of humanity of Chicago that passed through.
One of those humans was Kyle Bice, from our security team at State St. Quietly, wickedly funny, he was not to be messed with by shoplifters or trouble makers. And firm but kind with any issues.
We all moved on – some of us working in those passions we embraced.  It’s been a particular delight to see Kyle in particular gain notice for his art work & use it in aid of   The Monster Weekly.  In addition he has utilized his self defense skills to educate & empower folk who could be considered marginalized and in need of protection, via Chicago Self Defense.
So I’m genuinely thrilled to promote his latest endeavour.  Along with Fred Bueltemann, they’ve launched This Craft Nation. Kicking off 2 April, they’ll head East via Amtrak, circling the nation to explore the cultural shift of the craft renaissance.
Podcasting via itunes & youtube videos already commencing so get yourself subscribed & following on any & all social media. Check our the route & let them know if there’s a creative force in your neighborhood they need to explore.
It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with what is truly great about the people in this country.
Support initiative.  Support local. Support craft. Support arts in all forms.
We sure do.


happy accident

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…because sometimes you just stumble across a theme.  So when we had a chance to showcase a new commercial #short by a director who’s an old friend, we took it.
And when a legendary artist joins forces with a rising  director to create a music video, you share that.
April will be all about #shorts that vary from traditional form; meaning not the usual festival categories.
Advertising, music video, instructional – there’s a variety of ways filmmaking skills be used besides linear storytelling. Economics dictate the necessity of work for money and it’s always impressive to see creators who seize those opportunities & turn them into something new and exciting.
This month, we’ll highlight some of those.  Memories of an ever-evolving American town.  A self deprecating look at healthy eating vs. cravings. Using humor to educate.
All quite useful & unique.

Tune in. You never know when you’ll find something you love.

It’s a wonderful night…..

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As always, we take advantage of #OscarSunday to celebrate the entire awards season & artists from across the globe.
This year’s theme is  literature & writers, showcasing animation, music, documentaries that promote reading, classics stories & 2 passion projects writers have embraced to give back to the great community.
Book festivals in Poland. 70’s rock legends incorporating Ayn Rand into lyrics. A tv icon reciting Shakespeare to introduce a reading ap. You’ll find it all.

While traditional folk songs are not strictly  literature,  their contributions to language & unification are immeasurable. The folk at Cophenhagen based Louisiana Channel present a variety of programs showcasing the Arts, including this terrific initiative from recording master, Brian Eno.

Author Tim Winton is Patron of the Australian Marine Conservation Society & states:
“It’s our birthright to have a clean ocean, to catch a feed, to interact with nature. And, like any birthright, we have to safeguard it.”
With “The Sea & Me”, he and the team from Bluebottle Films have contributed to a national project exploring locals’ relationship with the sea and the balance between preservation and the needs of their livelihoods.
Sponsors include: the Save Our Marine Life Alliance, Marine Conservation Society, Nature Conservation Council, The Wilderness Society and The Nature Conservation Council.
There is additional information on their site about this & their films involving Australia’s fantastic ecosystem.

We’ve never chosen 2 longer #shorts but they’re both so fantastic, they needed to be shown. Along with the other terrific artists. Of course, they’ll be up on our site & are linked on twitter with #SFSO17 but are listed below.
Thanks to all for tuning in and your support

“Cracow – City of Literature”
“Sonnet 18” – read by David Tennant
“Calamity Song” – The Decemberists
“The Sea and Me”
“Lost Boy” – Ruth B
“Sing Along With Brian Eno”
“Oh, You Pretty Things” – David Bowie (live,unaired clip from “Old Grey Whistle Test”


New Year. New #shorts

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We’re kicking off 2017 with some fresh voices & faces & maybe an early work from a name you know.
It’s all student films in January – work from festivals, grad schools, art schools. All varieties of age, nationality & skill level. Celebrating the beauty of arts in education.

Of course, we’re always on the look out for #short through out the year and don’t restrict every month to a theme. If you’ve got work to share, check out our submission standards and get in touch.

You can always contact  with questions or suggestions.

Thanks again for all your support. We’ll be 5 in just about a month and are just as excited about the future as the work we’ve already shown.

Happy 2017 all!!!


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We use that hashtag a lot. And it all does – writing, painting, film, print, cooking. Whether it’s for a cause or a simple #short that makes you laugh.
And creatives matter.

Our selection for 20 November, “Saturday Morning Gift”, is an early student work by Syrian filmmaker & activist, Bassel Shahade*.
His youtube account remains and offers a chance to view several of his films.
During a life cut off too soon, he achieved an IT/AI degree from the University of Damascus. After a time with the United Nations and other activism work, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a Master’s in film at Syracuse University.
Wikipedia & other sources offer information regarding his activism in the States, motorcycle travels throughout the Middle East, work with Ahmad Al-Assam & ultimate untimely death in Homs.

We rarely focus this attention on a single filmmaker but hope it will motivate people to investigate his life and work and causes. And bring more attention to those striving to record the memories of their lives in these times.
“The Creative Memory of  Syrian Revolution” offers more info about his work and that of other artists.

Particularly when an artist is gone, the value of preserving their work and utilizing a vision for the future is immeasurable.
Bassel Shahade gave everything, ultimately his life. so that his nephew & others knew what occurred. This contribution is immeasurable.
We say thank you.  And we will continue to seek out creators who have a unique view of the world.

*multiple sources use both English translated spellings of “Shehadeh” and “Shahade” for surname.


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It’s all international.
Our calendar posting near end of October discussed some details but always worth mentioning.
We’ve got animation, documentary, music – all from creative minds all over the world.
Some convey the message only via sight, some offer subtitles for translation.
Stories that share common experiences and emotions filtered through visions from around the globe.
We hope, as always, you’ll find a new voice you’ve enjoyed hearing and will explore their other work.


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One great #short left in October…..something themed for Hallowe’en.  Released early in 2016, it turns out the director was quite prescient about a current phenomena.

Hard to believe it’s nearly the end of the year. But we’ve got great work lined up.
Since it’s been awhile, our theme for November is international film. Of course, we include films from all over the world on a regular basis but there will be no English language. We’re excited to introduce you to some filmmakers changing their own corner of the planet. #ThereWillBeSubtitles

And December isn’t fully themed but of course, we’ll acknowledge some of the holidays. Try to give you a laugh or distraction from everything going on.

And we’re always open to a new #short. Even with a busy calendar we try to leave an option open for a premiere. We are for sure interested in film for 2017 and will gladly consider your work.

Here’s information about how we work:

and contact is also

Thanks for watching, sharing, and all kinds of support.